Redoubt      2018

Redoubt—Matthew Barney’s new film about animals, alchemy, and the astronomical alignment of earthly bodies and heavenly stars—a pack of wolves wanders into a house and tears it to shreds. The mostly wordless movie is set in central Idaho, in remote hinterlands marked by mountains and trees that seem to stand in wait of whatever ghastly or graceful happening might transpire in the wild......

The visual narrative of Redoubt has a graceful fluidity, enhanced by an aurally mesmerizing score by Jonathan Bepler, Barney’s long-time collaborator. Each hunt, each stanza in the tone poem, is accompanied by a “specific instrument, theme, and elemental focus.” There are neither dialogue nor lyrics. Perhaps there are six or so human utterances of animal calls. Scored music melds with the sounds in the Idaho landscape and in the Electroplater’s house trailer laboratory. 

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Clayton Press, forbes