Jonathan Bepler

in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum.

Invisible Dances for Broken Ensemble, 2007.

8 channel audio installation.

Collection of The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.

A site-specific performance work created at the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati.

Creating a site-specific installation at the Contemporary Arts Center, Bepler responded to the architectural space by exploring sound as form and representation of the artist’s movement. Salvaging used and damaged acoustic instruments from local pawn shops, thrift and music stores, Bepler introduced these into the gallery, setting up a music studio where he played each instrument in specific locations around the room. His experimental recordings were then edited into a final composition days before the exhibition’s opening. Emanating from speakers positioned around the gallery, the 8 audio channels describe the artist’s physical navigation of the space, and allow the visitor to visualize a performance without actually seeing it.

     Invisible Dances for Broken Ensemble, 2007